Welcome to Consumer Reviews Australia, the site protecting Australian Consumers from Scams, Ripoff’s, Fraud’s and other undesirables!

Our site is dedicated to increasing consumer awareness, specifically by providing tipoff’s from the site admins or from consumers themselves. Education is the key to proper decision making, which in turn can help save consumers thousands in investment scams, cold calling cons and every day ripoffs!


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  1. Thanks for creating the page… I was going to sign up with a company listed on here (won’t name names) but the information provided helped me make a much more informed decision. I steered away from a certain investment industry and moved to a regulated one thanks to CRA. Cheers guys


  2. My husband invested over $40,000 in company Universal corp Level 2/91 Upton rd Bundall and Bgc trading 140 Bundall rd Bundall gold coast.
    At first all looked good we made over $8.000 and growing until we went to take money out, we had to sign withdrawal forms send several emails and no return phone calls,
    we finally got some money 9 days later. then a David from Universal called saying the delay was due to customer service and the we are only ao a general program and that you get what you pay for,
    he offered a personal service with instant access to our money when needed but it was at a cost of an up grade of $10,000 with better returns and top grade software,
    He was very convincing and advised us to let our money compound fo 12 months to return the initial outlay. We kept an eye on our account it was looking good.
    After a 2 months we needed to use some of our money and discovered they were no longer in operation. Our hearts sank, we tried everything find these scamers, Accc, consumer affairs, Ploice. We lost all our savings.
    A few weeks later a company called Tolinkinforex called offering a similar service we asked where they were based and the address was the same as Universal Level 2/91 Upton Rd Bundall, they sent us payment options and it was the same biller code, we bought it to there attention and they gave us some story about a crooked employee and wnet to a lot of trouble to confirm it through a solisitor. WE have since found out Tolinkin is now basedat Level 1/130 Bundall Rd Bundall they are the same people that ran BGC & Universal we are in the process in talkin to police and othey victims of these scamers. Beware of tolinkin!!!!



    • Thankyou so much for your post Wendy.

      I too, have been approached from ToLinkinforex. I don’t trust them as I have been ripped off from Advanced Wealth Systems, who are currently under Police investigations.
      Tolinkinforex.com sent me a link in the email they sent to me a week ago, but when I click on the link it only leads to; Tolinkin.com which is a web building company with web templates. Must be who they are using.

      Thanks again for the warning.


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