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Business: Custodian Wealth Builders (John Fitzgerald)

I live in melb and have been doing some research on realestate and especialliay realestate knowledge seminars. I came accross a property marketing company called Custodian Wealth Builders which looked promising. The site offers complimentary attendance to one of their events to find out more information and even has a mass of resources. I was excited to go to the Lower Plenty event and asked one of my close friends to come with me. When I mentioned the name John Fitzgerald she opened her phone and showed me all these Google results and reports on a site called ripoff. These reports were pretty damning which was disappointing.

Im not going ahead anymore but I think people should be careful of this mob and all other property investment groups. One minute you think you are set financially then they scam you out of your house deposit and vanish or pretend it never happened.

The reports on “ripoff” can be found here:


6 thoughts on “Custodian Wealth Builders (John Fitzgerald)

  1. I attended a siminar not too long ago. I wish I had of walked out mid way…. they refer you to developers to receive a cut in the middle. It’s so obviously but everyone is blinded by greed wealth and money! so so obvious yet people fall for it all the time.


  2. I lost quite a lot of money investing through custodian wealth builder and well got burnt big time, after 7 years of holding a dud I have finally sold the property at a huge lost not taking into account the money I had to fork out over the years. Now they are doing their deals in China OMG, another batch of new sheeps are going to be slaughter. To John: I dont know how you sleep at night and the amount of money you would have to spend for your ……….?


    • To the last comment, which clearly demonstrates an emotionally fueled response without any careful thought, based on the structure of the language, how did you lose your money? You have certainly taken some time to slander a company, yet have not provided any evidence whatsoever. How do we know that you’re not just another competitor masking themselves as a disgruntled customer? Or, perhaps you lost your money through poor decision making, then seek to blame the other party like so many people do because you cannot take responsibility for your own actions. Personally, I don’t know the circumstances, and I don’t really care. But when I came across this article, and read the two comments, as a former investigator, I couldn’t help but think, what a load of B.S… Not one aspect of any of the comments here have provided any corroborating evidence, and all of the comments clearly demonstrate a distinct lack of basic research. Basing ones decision on articles splashed across the internet is hardly a sound way to carefully research an important topic like investing money, especially hard earned money as it is for many. Perhaps it’s best you just stay out of the game. And please, don’t take up gambling either, otherwise we’re going to see more ridiculous articles on how the casino conspired to take your money…


  3. Custodian is aware of several negative reviews posted on consumer reviews wordpress sites such as Ripp Off. We believe it is a fake website purporting to represent the interests of consumers by providing a forum for genuine customer reviews. Reality is it has been created to manipulate search engines and damage the brands they cover. They make money by requesting cash to remove the negative reviews.
    We have taken a stand and will not be paying this money.
    Custodian has been educating Australians on the science of building wealth in property for over 20 years. To date we have helped more than 3,000 Australians grow their wealth and their retirement nest egg through property.
    Our long history and large volume of clients means we will inevitably not be able to meet everyone’s expectations. We acknowledge that some clients have legitimate concerns about the level of service they have received. Where possible and reasonable we work with all clients to resolve any issues they may have.
    Many of the complaints and reviews posted online about Custodian are part of a sophisticated strategy to extort money from Custodian.
    Our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns about the level of service you received please feel free to contact us directly.

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  4. As someone who bought two properties through Custodian I can tell you this – I lost a lot of money. I ended up with badly built properties and I sold both at losses after years of holding them. I believe the rip-off reviews are correct. I would tell anyone who will listen – steer clear!!. The sting of that burn remains.


  5. We have Custodian houses which were house and land packages where they source land and manage the building in progress for a fee. As long as they are in areas that improve in value an investor is usually OK . However what was known as Custodian Land was a real LOSER for investors. John Fitzgerald encouraged investors,many who had bought Custodian houses, to share with him in buying and developing land to sell. My wife and I lost nearly 50% of a large investment from our SM Super Fund in the Cunningham Rise, near Brisbane, land development. We are now just getting the last of our money back 7 years later as all blocks are finally sold-at a loss of millions in the project. Nearly all the other Custodian Land developments lost investors money too-so much for building wealth!
    John Fitzgerald has walked away from taking responsibility for this happening-it was others fault,cost overruns etc- and no compensation was paid to those who lost their retirement investments like us. When the crunch comes no one is there to help you recover the losses -they profit from you when you invest regardless of losses made in developing land. Custodian take fees and profits and you can just hope for the best in the end-ask anyone about so called investing in what used to be called Custodian Land.
    I believe that name has been changed as all this damaged the Custodian brand and image as wealth builders! Be careful and look at alternatives after a John Fitzgerald talk. He is very charismatic and believable but this trust in him and his business let us and others down and put us through personal and financial stress we never expected. He made his fees and we made the losses, so that is the end of trusting Custodian for us and many others who did the same.
    Steve Sydney


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