Custodian Wealth Builders (John Fitzgerald)

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Business: Custodian Wealth Builders (John Fitzgerald)

I live in melb and have been doing some research on realestate and especialliay realestate knowledge seminars. I came accross a property marketing company called Custodian Wealth Builders which looked promising. The site offers complimentary attendance to one of their events to find out more information and even has a mass of resources. I was excited to go to the Lower Plenty event and asked one of my close friends to come with me. When I mentioned the name John Fitzgerald she opened her phone and showed me all these Google results and reports on a site called ripoff. These reports were pretty damning which was disappointing.

Im not going ahead anymore but I think people should be careful of this mob and all other property investment groups. One minute you think you are set financially then they scam you out of your house deposit and vanish or pretend it never happened.

The reports on “ripoff” can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Custodian Wealth Builders (John Fitzgerald)

  1. I attended a siminar not too long ago. I wish I had of walked out mid way…. they refer you to developers to receive a cut in the middle. It’s so obviously but everyone is blinded by greed wealth and money! so so obvious yet people fall for it all the time.


  2. I lost quite a lot of money investing through custodian wealth builder and well got burnt big time, after 7 years of holding a dud I have finally sold the property at a huge lost not taking into account the money I had to fork out over the years. Now they are doing their deals in China OMG, another batch of new sheeps are going to be slaughter. To John: I dont know how you sleep at night and the amount of money you would have to spend for your ……….?


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